Thanks to its broad variety of types, PROFilmCatering Stretch provides products of boxed short reels with practical applications for end uses of the food sector; such as household uses, fastfood, delis, hotels and restaurants.

While preserving the hygiene and freshness of the products at their packing date, PROFilmCatering Stretch also protects them against external effects.

While these products meet the demands for different sizes; they are presented as boxed or without box. Boxed products are supplied with a cutting tool; they may be either Pro-Pack or of brands specific to the customer.

PROFilmCatering Stretch may be also be produced as pre-cut, according to demanded sizes. Pre-cut products facilitate the use thanks to their self-cutting structure without any need for a cutting blade; and bring about time saving. They ensure the same size and therefore prevent waste of material.