Our Company Pro-Pack Inc. has been founded in 1995 by Darnel Group corporation; it has made a difference among its competitors by attaining a competitive, innovative and sustainable growth.

Its field of activity being food packing / wrap films and as far as “reliability” and “quality” are concerned, then the name Pro-Pack comes into mind in local and global markets.

In the exporters’ list, its ranking stands the 5th for our sector within the city of Tekirdağ; and it stands the 50th countrywide in Turkey. In addition, in the list of tax payers, its ranking is the 10th within the region, therefore we contribute to our country and we are proud of ourselves in making our business correctly.

In our century, the population growth and consequently the increasing consumption in food and beverage sector as well as rising living standards and resultant changes in consumption habits bring about an accelerating development in packing industry.

During this process, which has been cited in the above paragraph, our company vision reduces the imports amounts and adds value to all factors which constitute our nation.

In order to preserve and maintain all values which we have earned, we will carry on working in compliance with international standards; by keeping our cooperation with our customers, employees and suppliers on the basis of “quality” and “reliability”.