PROFilm Handy

PROFilm Handy Rolls fit perfectly with all type of fruit, vegetables, meat, sea-food and dairy products are packaged with manual machines and presented  to the consumer with its freshness of the day of packaging.

Thanks to its excellent brightness, transparency and anti-fog effect, PROFilm Handy Rolls provide perfect presentation for food. PROFilm Handy Rolls are especially preferred in supermarkets and food chains for its tear resistance, ideal adhesion and memory effect.

PROFilm Handy Rolls are optionally offered with perforation as per use-case and customer demand.

PROFilm Handy

Product Features
Core Inner Diameter 76 mm, 110 mm
Length 750 m - 2000 m
Width 250 mm - 800 mm
Thickness 7 micron - 18 micron
Color Standart, Violet, Pink
Count 1 Roll/Box
Factor x2, x3
Optional Micro Perforated - Single Layer/Double Layer