PROFilm Catering

PROFilm Catering Stretch offers short and boxed practical products to the end-use points of the food sector such as home use, fast food, delicatessen, hotel and restaurant with its wide range of varieties.

PROFilm Catering Stretch maintains the same hygiene and freshness as when the products were packaged, while also protecting against external factors.

These products, which meet the demands of different sizes, are offered with or without a box. The boxed products that come with the cutting apparatus can be with the Pro-Pack or customer-specific brand in line with the demands.

PROFilm Catering Stretch can also be produced as pre-cut in desired sizes. Pre-cut products with their self-cutting structure make it easy to use and save time by providing smooth and easy break without the need for a cutting blade. It prevents unnecessary consumption by guaranteeing the same size for each use.

PROFilm Catering

Product Features
Core Inner Diameter 30 mm, 38 mm, 50 mm
Length 100 m - 500 m
Width 250 mm - 800 mm
Weight 7 micron - 10 micron
Color Standart, Violet, Pink
Pieces in Box It Is Determined According To The Customer Request
Factor x2,  x3
Extra Boxed, Pre-Cut, Alternative Blade Option
Packaging POF, SLEEVE, and so on