About Us

About Us

Since 1995

Pro-Pack A.Ş. is well-known and welcomed globally in the food-packaging industry with its devotion for being RELIABLEINNOVATIVE, QUALITY-FIRST virtues.

Pro-Pack A.Ş. is pioneer to set the industry standards offering outstanding product-service mix for its stakeholders.

Pro-Pack A.Ş. creates value for society being among the first top-10 companies with both exports and tax-payers list; realizing its reason for existance.

About Us
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One of the most crucial issue globally for the last decades was population growth and scarce food supply. Mankind has its actions in place to both increase food supply, increasing productivity in agriculture and increasing shelf-life with packed-food. Increased demand for food consumption combined with the expectations in rising living standards makes the rapid development in the packaging industry inevitable.

Our company's vision is to increase our exports and continue to provide added value to all the elements that constitute us, while reducing the need for import of products similar to ours.

In order to protect and maintain these values we have adopted, we will continue to work with international standards, and to continue our cooperation with our customers, employees, suppliers within the framework of "reliability", "innovation" and "quality-first".


Quality System Certificates - Certificate of Conformity
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Our Quality and Food Safety Policy

Operating in the fields of PVC STRETCH FILM and PVC SHRINK FILM production, our company continues its activities with the policy of maintaining the quality and place we have established both in the Turkish Market and in the global market, and with branding, diversifying our production within our field of activity, specializing and providing better service to our customers.

On the basis of increasing and sustaining our competitive power;

  • To follow the sectoral developments closely,
  • To increase our production capacity, efficiency and diversification,
  • To ensure our processes and products meets the quality requirements and legal legislation for both local and global standards,
  • To ensure that our products are produced, stored and shipped to secure food safety,
  • To create ecosensitive and harmonious processes at every stage of our productions,
  • To produce competitive price policies in price-quality mix,
  • To produce fast and permanent solutions with thefeedback from our customers and thus to maintain and increase customer satisfaction,
  • To increase the knowledge-base, skills and experience levels of our employees,
  • To ensure the satisfaction of our employees, whom we define as internal customers as well as the satisfaction of external customers, by providing our employees with a working environment and conditions suitable for their health and safety,
It is our quality policy to carry our business in light of the above mentioned principles, monitor the results and continuously improve them.
Our Quality and Food Safety Policy

Our Goals

The path we choose to maintain and develop our existence can be described as follows:

To increase the market diversity and enhancing existing markets

To produce sustainable products with high added value and to direct them to the right markets

To comply with international standards in all our activities and to raise awareness on this issue

To reinforce the success we have achieved in our country with international success.

To raise the line we have reached in food safety, employee health and safety, environmental management, and quality management.

To increase the satisfaction and productivity of our employees by benefiting from their knowledge, skills, strength and creativity, who are our internal customers, and to create opportunities for their development.

Our Goals

Our Principles


A man who works with his hands alone is a worker, a man who works with his hands and head is a master, a man who works with his hands and head and a man who works with his heart is an artist.


Tell the truth. First, because it's the right thing to do, and second, because they'll find out the truth anyway.


There is no development without change; those who do not change their thoughts cannot change anything.


Either be as you seem or seem as you are.


If you decide to write an epic, you must start it with little poems.


Tolerance is the greatness of being able to make others happy in the way they wish, not in the way we wish.


Working saves us from these three troubles: boredom, bad habits, and poverty.


The owners of great achievements are the ones who show the patience to do small things meticulously.


Success has no end. If you make a better mousetrap, nature will create smarter mice.


Find a cure, not a mistake.


Effective change does not apply to people, it is done with them.


As flaw correction is delayed, the price becomes heavier, indecision and delay are the key to failure.


The brightest light ahead of us for change is the customer.