Complies with International Hygiene Standards

Superior Durability Structure



PROFilm PVC Strech offers a Wide Range of Films to be used in the packaging of all fresh foods. It is suitable for usage areas such as manual or automatic machines.

PROFilm PVC Strech is produced with ISO 22000 FSSC guarantee in accordance with all international food regulations, including Turkish Food Codex and EU directives.

PROFilm PVC Strech safely protects your packaged foods against external factors and provides a longer shelf life. It keeps your food fresh with its excellent moisture and oxygen permeability.

About Us

Our company Pro-Pack A.Ş., established in partnership with Darnel Group International, makes a difference in the sector with a competitive, innovative and sustainable growth. The company raises the standards and expectations in the market by providing the best service to its stakeholders in the markets it serves.

The vision of our company, our products while reducing the import of this development in Turkey, is to increase our exports and continue to provide added value to all the elements that constitute us.

Exports in the first 10 groups in Turkey depends on the sort found in our sector, taking place in the top 10 of the rankings offers value-added tax in our country and we are proud to do our job right.